Why Basketball

3pt shots. Crossovers. Dunks. Alley-oops. Basketball has it all! You can play indoors. You can play at the park and even on your driveway.. if you don't drive the neighbours crazy that is!

New to basketball?

If you're new to basketball, then you're in the right place!

We not only provide amazing sessions and activities for children, but we also want to help educate families about basketball who may be getting to know our beautiful game!

Let's start at the beginning and give you a brief overview of the rules:


The video above is a good explanation about the 5 v 5 adult game, but like in most sports, when children are young they should play a modified version in order to help them develop and build their confidence!

Basketball's child-friendly version is called 'Mini-Basket' and is what we specialise in delivering and developing!

What's different about Mini-Basket?

Smiling. Cheering. Wanting more. Everything a child goes through after they have just scored! We lower the hoop to give everyone the best opportunity to score regularly during their sessions and games.

Shooting. Passing. Catching. Dribbling. We give the children the correct size ball for their age group which helps them to develop their skills and strength appropriately.

5 v 5 can be difficult for children to enjoy when there is only 1 ball! We prefer our equation: Small-sided games = more touches + more space = more confidence + more enjoyment!

Q. Why are basketball players messy eaters..?

A. .. because they're always dribbling!

Why basketball is the best sport in the world..

  • You can play it all year round; indoors or outdoors no matter the weather. No need to get cold and muddy during those winter months!
  • It's an inclusive sport which welcomes, celebrates and mixes children and families of all genders, races, religions, sexualities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Basketball really is for all!
  • It allows children to be creative, confident and express themselves in many different ways. Watch your child grow and evolve in parallel with their basketball experiences.
  • It allows children to understand the importance of teamwork, togetherness and develop key social skills. Creating future leaders, ambassadors and role models for our future generation.
  • It teaches children to concentrate, focus and learn how to manage success and failure throughout the game. Skills that will undoubtedly support them through the game of life!
  • The games are always fast-paced, athletic, exciting and have continuous end-to-end scoring! No 0-0 score lines here!

Did you know..

  • Basketball was invented by Canadian-American Physical Education teacher, James Naismith in 1891¬†when he nailed a peach basket 10ft high to prevent his students from becoming bored during the winter months.
  • Basketball is one of the world's most popular sport; played in almost every country by an estimated 450 million people in total!
  • Basketball has been an official Olympic Sport since Berlin 1936, when USA won the gold medal!
  • Great Britain have a women's team and men's team who regularly compete in FIBA ranked events; most notably both teams showed a number of successful performance at London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Our National Governing Body is called Basketball England and they oversee the majority of all basketball activity across the country and govern both local and national competitions for clubs.
  • Our professional women's league is called the WBBL and was founded in 2014.
  • Our professional men's league is called the BBL and was founded in 1986.

There is also 3x3..

There is one other variation of basketball you should also know about, called 3x3.

It's a faster, more creative style of basketball that is more commonly played in public parks during the summer, but it's really fun no matter what time of year you play! You can find out more about how that works in the video below:


Now you know how amazing basketball is, why not take a look at what we offer?

Basketball for you