Mini-Basket Mascots Born

The Bucks, Bulls and Buffalos are born!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our three new mascots - the BUCKS, the BULLS and the BUFFALOS - which will represent our three age groups within our Mini-Basket programme!

In preparation for the launch of our Mini-Basket programme across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough in September, we have created three engaging and child-friendly mascots to represent the three age group programmes we offer:

  • The children in our U7 programme will be known as our 'Bucks'
  • The children in our U9 programme will be known as our 'Bulls'
  • The children in our U11 programme will be known as our 'Buffalos'

Director of Blueprint Basketball, Matthew Harber was delighted with the creation of the three mascots and summarised the idea behind the designs, "We wanted to create something special that would visually represent what our mini-basket programme is all about, and ultimately, something the children will connect with. I think we've done that here.".

Each of the three mascots possess a number of subtle features, that reinforces the ethos of Blueprint Basketball:

  • Gender Neutral - we promote basketball equally for both girls and boys
  • Diversity - we welcome children and families from all communities, races and religions
  • Growth - we support children to develop over a long period of time throughout the mini-basket programme
  • Confidence - we believe confidence is the foundation for a child's future and underpins all of the three values we promote
  • Blueprint Grid - all of our programmes have selected games, activities and emphases specific to that age-group

Further details regarding our Mini-Basket sessions will be announced later this summer and is scheduled to commence in early September in both Cambridge and Peterborough.

To find out more about our Bucks, Bulls and Buffalos, then check out our Mini-Basket section on the website.