Lower hoop, smaller ball and less players per team. Confidence. Togetherness. Perseverance. Successfully introducing your child to our amazing game!

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What's it all about?

Our 'Mini-Basket' program is designed for children aged 5-11 years old and offers families and children an exciting, dynamic and inclusive basketball environment for everyone to enjoy.

'Mini-Basket' is a child-friendly version of basketball, designed to successfully introduce children to our amazing game! We play with a lower hoop, smaller ball and less children per team in order to help everyone develop their understanding, creativity and confidence!

Mini-Basket Programme

The first step into our 'Mini-Basket' programme. Our Blueprint Bucks welcome children aged 5-7 years old who want to have fun and make friends, whilst exploring basketball movements and the basic skills!

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The Blueprint Bulls are our 7-9 year olds who love to shoot, pass, dribble.. or anything that's fun really! We explore a wider range of basketball movements, skills and situations, whilst starting to teach the children how to play semi-structured games!

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Our Blueprint Buffalos programme helps our 9-11 year olds refine their existing skills, learn new ones and improve their teamwork! Our Buffalos are prepared for battle as they receive more opportunities to play games and improve their knowledge.

Become a buffalo

Confidence. Togetherness. Perseverance.

All of our various age group sessions offer children an excellent introduction to the game of basketball and support them to improve and develop their skills. We explore, teach and actively develop the physical movements, social connections, basketball skills and game awareness which make up the foundations of basketball.

I love basketball. it is good exercise. when I throw it in the hoop it makes me happy

Grace, age 5

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